Rapper makes waves with Shona hip-hop


MIDLANDS State University hip-hop singer Tafara “Taf Guy” Mahachi has dropped new single featuring Terry Afrika.

The 21-year-old rapper is popular for his singles Kangoma keRudo and Kana Uchida. Terry Afrika features on the songs Pembera and Kumusha.

Mahachi enjoys singing in Shona and says the responses to his themed compositions are being well received. “Because of the response I have been receiving for my Shona themed songs, I felt the need to do more because this is the very same reason why Nigerian music is now doing great internationally because of keeping their identity even through music.”

His wish is to see Zimbabwean Shona hip-hop songs topping international charts.

Through his record label —Tafara the Guy Music that seeks to uplift local languages in hip-hop — he recently dropped singles which are available on YouTube.

“Pembera is a song for celebrating and dancing as it entails that people enjoy life; therefore my music is inspired by real life events and my ability to create meaningful and thematic songs,” he told the Daily News.

The song Kumusha talks of how people should remember where they are from when they make it in life and never to forget their relatives or those close to them.

Taf Guy said he is able to balance school and music because when it comes to music he takes time to create meaningful songs thus giving him time to focus on his studies and also dropping songs when he feels it is necessary.

“I grew up listening to the likes of international rappers such as B.O.B, J Cole and Kendrick Lamar who are my best but there are a lot more rap artists I grew up listening to, hence developed a passion for the genre. I used to participate in rap battles at primary school.

“Funny enough I earned respect through rapping up to high school. I started recording in 2015 but due to my education I took time crafting my art.”

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