Pressure mounts on Peter Moyo

PRESSURE is mounting on Peter Moyo to juxtapose comedy and music full time as his legion of followers demand more of both genres from him, the Daily News reports.
This comes as the Utakataka Express frontman told this publication yesterday that he turned down offers from companies that wanted him to do skits.
“I am into comedy just for pastime but the pressure is mounting on me with people and companies approaching me to do skits for them. I have turned down a number of offers because it is too taxing to balance music and comedy,” Moyo said.
However, Moyo is still contemplating balancing comedy and music.
“If time comes, yes I can juxtapose music and comedy full time. My passion in comedy speaks for itself but as of now I am just doing it for fun, not for money and that is why I have not opened a Youtube channel for my skits,” he said.
Moyo’s skits are mainly on Facebook and he has worked with comedians such as Lorraine Guyo of Ndinyengeiwo fame on a number of skits.
“Lorraine is my friend and I enjoyed working with her. When I featured on her skits, it was not for commercial reasons but I was just helping her as a friend,” the Mushonga Mukuru singer said.
Moyo joined the music industry after the death of his legendary father Tongai who died in 2011.
Then, he revealed that music was not his thing but soccer.
He simply joined the music industry to uphold, preserve and perpetuate his father’s rich legacy.
With musical projects such as Mushonga Mukuru and Mopao Mokonzi, the Young Igwe is also into business with interests in farming.
Peter Moyo perfoms  with his Utakataka band

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