Police chief sucked into theft case

INSURANCE Pensions Commission boss Grace Muradzikwa has been accused of having used police commissioner-general Godwin Matanga’s name to have her son, Kundai, released from police cells after his arrest for theft.

Kundai is in court accused of stealing jewellery worth US$152 000 and US$32 000 cash from socialite Luminitsa Jemwa.

His mother, Grace, allegedly intimidated and interfered with investigations that resulted in the police declining to search his house for the stolen wares out of fear.

Allegations are that Kundai chased Luminitsa’s maid away after a dispute over rentals and bills, before gaining entry into the house leading to the alleged disappearance of the money and wares.

Kundai denied the allegations when the trial opened before regional magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka.

He denied stealing the valuables, arguing his presence at the house was only to receive keys after the complainant’s maid indicated she was leaving and stated that the allegations are meant to tarnish and discredit his family.

Luminitsa yesterday told the court that Grace’s interference was all over, leading to the release of her son from police custody. 

She added that Muradzikwa used Matanga’s name to intimidate people, including police officers who then refused to search Kundai’s place, saying he had diplomatic immunity. 

“I concluded he was the one who stole my things because of his mother Grace Muradzikwa’s behaviour. She used police commissioner-general Godwin Matanga’s name in everything, intimidating everyone. 

“It is strange that her son was released from custody, conduct which resulted in the arrest and placement on remand of the country’s Vice President (Pekezele Mphoko).

“The police refused to go and search his house saying he had diplomatic immunity. He is not a diplomat. This shows that he had something to hide. If there was nothing, she would not have gone to such lengths,” she said.

She said initially, her maid was also a suspect, but searches at her house proved her innocence.

The State yesterday tendered as exhibits pictures which Muradzikwa allegedly sent to Luminitsa showing money and jewellery cases which were in the house, which she did not find when she got there.

The matter was postponed to June 20 at the instance of the State amid reports that Luminitsa was not well as she suffered a miscarriage three days ago.

The matter had been allowed to proceed in the morning after Muradzikwa’s lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa had challenged a postponement in the absence of a medical report.

She managed to obtain the medical affidavit in the afternoon session, resulting in the postponement.

Allegations are that Kundai grabbed keys from Luminitsa’s maid and ordered her to leave the house, saying her boss was not paying rent and electricity bills.

Claims are that Kundai exploited their absence and allegedly entered the house and stole US$32 000 cash and two watches and jewellery worth US$152 000.

The State alleges that he was in possession of the keys when the money disappeared and that he even took photographs while in her bedroom.

Muradzikwa said he took the photographs as evidence after the maid left and disputed that he stole anything saying the maid had full access to the housing unit.