Savannah Esther Nsompa (left) and Ephricah Linda Munemo
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Musical duo Savanfriq bounces back

SAVANFRIQ, a female Zimbabwean musical duo formed in 2017 by Savannah Esther Nsompa and Ephricah Linda Munemo, has bounced back with a bumper 21-track album titled ‘African Voices.’

The new album, which is awash with diverse musical elements, is a sequel to the duo’s debut abum- Tinzwei Mambo- which was released in 2018.

Savanfriq is hopeful that their just-released album will contribute to the preservation of African knowledge systems.

“We titled it African voices because in our songs on the album you will come across various ancient African idioms, folktales and phrases we use. The album is about African voices heard from different angles,” said the musical duo in a statement.

The group is hopeful that their second album will make a mark locally and elsewhere on the continent.

“We hope to expand the reach of our music beyond Zimbabwe, into the other African countries and the world at large. We want our music to touch many lives locally and internationally. We see ourselves as role models to a lot of young and older people because of the message we carry,” said Savanfriq.

The duo believes the 21-track album is brimming with the necessary tools to help people cope with the anxiety and trauma associated with the raging Covid-19 pandemic.

“We believe music is  therapeutic. It is a powerful tool that can help somebody somewhere who is going through a hard time. Through our songs we try to help people see situations from different perspectives. As people listen, we hope our music can help them cope with the stress and difficulties of life.

“We see ourselves as women of influence using our voices as the instrument to change lives and bring hope. We are particularly passionate about uplifting women who are often undermined or suppressed,” the duo said.

Savanfriq’s musical journey began four years ago in Botswana where Savannah Essy was studying law while Ephrica Lee was pursuing a marketing degree. Juggling between school work and various other responsibilities, they established a home studio where they honed their vocal and songwriting abilities.

Thanks to their unique act which has a traditional and cultural appeal, Savanfriq got the opportunity to share the stage with established artists in Botswana and Zimbabwe. After recording a number of singles with various established record labels and producers in Zimbabwe, they dropped their debut album titled ‘Tinzwei Mambo’ in 2018. Songs on the album attracted considerable airplay on all national radio stations.