MRT House trustees bolster MDC Alliance

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Mugove Tafirenyika
©️  THE MDC Alliance has received the backing of the trustees of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House who say the pact should remain in occupation of the hugely symbolic building, the Daily News reports.

However, the interim leadership of the MDC says the development “will not change anything” because the March Supreme Court ruling had nullified everything that was superintended by Nelson Chamisa as the then party president.
All this comes as the High Court has reserved judgment on who should occupy the iconic building — previously known as Harvest House — which recently fell into the hands of Thkozani Khupe and her group.
But in a rare piece of good news for the embattled Chamisa, two trustees of Harvest House Pvt Limited — Timothy James Neil and Ian Muteto Makone — presented documents in court on Friday stating that while neither Khupe’s nor Chamisa’s outfit owned the property, they had given the right of occupancy to the MDC Alliance.


“I Timothy James Neil, am one of the directors of Harvest House Pvt Limited (44 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare).
“The other being Ian Muteto Makone. I confirm that, as the rightful authority of Harvest House (also known as Morgan Tsvangirai House), the rightful occupants are the MDC Alliance,” Neil wrote.
Makone who is also a long-serving MDC member and former confidante of the late Morgan Tsvangirai, also backed the MDC Alliance to continue occupying the building.
“The MDC Alliance, since its formation, has been in undisturbed possession of the property with the permission and blessing of the company.
“The MDC Alliance does not own the property. It is in occupation with the permission and blessing of the company.
“The company expects that its property rights will be respected. It reserves its rights in this regard,” Makone said.
Both men also presented a resolution they crafted on June 5 giving authority to Makone to take care of the property and the directors’ interests.
“On June 5, 2020 the directors by telephone conference, appointed Ian Muteto Makone … to protect the company proprietary interest in 856 Salisbury, otherwise known as Harvest House, 44 Nelson Mandela Avenue.
“The authority is to defend, institute or do whatever is legally possible to protect the company’s property,” reads the resolution that was also signed by prominent lawyer Eric Matinenga.
All this comes as Chamisa has lodged an application at the High Court seeking to evict the MDC’s interim leadership from the building.
On Saturday, High Court judge Justice David Mangota reserved judgment in the case.
Yesterday, Mwonzora described the trustees’ move as “meaningless”.
“They brought the documents before the court, but it will not change anything. It is, therefore, meaningless,” he said.
He argued that their occupation of the party’s national headquarters was a fulfilment of the Supreme Court ruling that stated that everything that had been presided over by Chamisa — ever since he took over the reins of the party unprocedurally — was null and void.
This comes as Khupe and Chamisa have been at each other’s throats after the party’s much-loved founding father, Tsvangirai, died in February 2018.
The fights took a turn for the worse after the Supreme Court upheld an earlier High Court ruling in March, which had nullified Chamisa’s hotly-disputed ascendancy to the helm of the MDC following Tsvangirai’s death.



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