Dexter Nduna

MP loses mine fight

ZANU PF Chegutu West MP Dexter Nduna has lost a High Court case in which he accused RioZim Limited (RioZim) of attempting to illegally grab his mine in Kadoma.

In a judgment delivered on Wednesday, High Court judge David Mangota dismissed the application with costs, saying Nduna had failed to prove that he was the legitimate owner of the mine.

“The applicant (Nduna), it is evident, portrays the picture that he has a claim at the mine. He insists that the second respondent invaded his claim. He produces no evidence which shows that he has any mining claim in any part of Zimbabwe, let alone at the mine.

“The prospecting licence attached to his application, it has been observed, has no relationship at all with the mine nor do their contents translate into conferring upon him the right to any claim in Zimbabwe. All they do is to allow him to prospect for minerals in Zimbabwe,” Mangota said.

The judge further said the application contained contradictions and was also not clear on the events leading to the filing of the application on an urgent basis.

“The application is everything which an urgent application should not be. It contains an incoherent narration of events. It is panel-beaten in other respects. It is a complete sham which cannot be condoned, let alone accepted. The application is dismissed with costs,” he said.

Nduna had approached the court last month accusing RioZim of invading the mine with the assistance of the police.