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©️  INDEPENDENT Norton legislator Temba Mliswa lost his cool in Parliament on Thursday after he was chastised by deputy National Assembly Speaker Tsitsi Gezi for disrespecting fellow MPs, the Daily News can report.

Mliswa resorted to using some unprintable words towards Zanu PF MP for Seke, Munyaradzi Kashambe, who had raised a point of privilege alleging that the former ruling party chairperson for Mashonaland West Province was being given preferential treatment in Parliament.

“My point of privilege is to do with the unequal treatment of Members of Parliament when they want to debate, especially from that Chair.

“We have a member, Temba Mliswa, who is allowed to say whatever he wants, when he wants to and at whatever time. He even goes as far as criticising our ministers or leader of the House without being recognised by the Speaker. He even accused the Speaker of being corrupt, but nothing was done,” Kashambe said.

A visibly angry Mliswa stood up waiting to be recognised on a point of order before Gezi ordered him to take his seat. Mliswa shouted amid inaudible interjections from the House.

However, this did not deter Mliswa, who remained standing, much to the annoyance of Gezi who ordered him for the second time to take his seat.

“Exactly what I am talking about, that is what I am talking about. Some of us are now not sure when to stand up or not, when to speak and not to speak.

“Even some of our ministers — I am not surprised if some are even scared to come to Parliament because there is no reprimand even if he does not speak accordingly. You can see what I am talking about. Even if we look at the Hansard, it will show what I am talking about,” Kashambe said.

This did not go down well with Mliswa, who shouted some unprintable words, accusing fellow lawmakers of insulting him.

He was duly reprimanded by Gezi who ruled that Mliswa’s conduct was unparliamentary and that he be ejected from the House.

Mliswa was duly escorted out of the chamber.

“I cannot be insulted and not be protected by the Chair,” Mliswa fumed before he re-entered using another door.

“You have killed this Parliament. You did not protect me at all. You are being partisan in this Parliament. 

“I was being insulted, you never even protected me. You did not protect me. Okay, you are here to protect. I am going out, but I must tell you the bottom truth. You are certainly destroying this institution. 

“We come here to be respected, not for me to be insulted. You are useless,” Mliswa said.

After Mliswa was escorted out of the House, Gezi said members must show good behaviour.

“Members, I think it is important that if we are chosen by the people we should show mature behaviour and as we are heads of families in our homes. We should not behave like street kids, it is not good,” Gezi said.

Kashambe added that Mliswa’s behaviour affected other members such that they no longer had the confidence to stand up in the House and debate.

“He stands up on any occasion and says whatever he wants, even to the Vice President, other members of Parliament and the Leader of the House… Also, some ministers are failing to come to Parliament, which is hampering the business of this House because there is no one who reprimands him,” he said.

Gezi said Parliament would investigate the matter.

“Kashambe, I have heard your complaint. I think we will sit down as presiding officers and the administration of Parliament. We will tackle the issue, investigate and come out with a position. Thank you,” she said.

Zanu PF Proportional Representative legislator Goodlucky Kwaramba also complained about Mliswa’s behaviour.

“As women Speaker, we are not happy with what we have observed in Parliament.

“The way he insulted you really touched us as women and we are not happy.  So I am pleading with you to do something about the behaviour that we have witnessed here in Parliament,” Kwaramba said.



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