Medical facility for artists initiated


Anesu Mirisawu



IN a positive development for the arts sector, a local medical institution has put together a medical package for local artists.

The initiative is being spearheaded by comedian, Hubert Dumisani Ndlovu aka Maforty, pictured, in collaboration with 9th Avenue Surgery Directors. It will cover all artists registered by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe.

“The facility is there to help artists access medical services at affordable prices. Artists will be charged a 50 percent discount for medical consultation with a general practitioner and cost price on consumables on procedures,” Maforty told the Daily News.

The late Lazarus Boora aka Gringo’s failure to raise money for medication persuaded Maforty to approach Surgery Directors: “After the whole Gringo story I approached 9th Avenue Surgery Directors and proposed if they could offer artists medical services at discounted prices in order to avoid such encounters in future.

“I was so happy because the service providers jumped onto the idea as they had been trying to come up with a corporate social responsibility programme,” Maforty added.

Maforty managed to reach an agreement with the service provider after two months as they had to come up with proper terms and conditions.

“It took about two months to fully set up because we had to come up with terms and conditions for registration for this facility. Artists need to register, this is to help in having genuine or actual artists benefitting,” Maforty added. “The Initiative was unveiled on January 4, 2021, and immediately a 30-day lockdown was announced, so we only had few artists signing up,” Maforty added.

In order to be covered by this initiative one has to provide a profile of his or her career : “One has to be a Zimbabwean citizen registered or works for an organisation registered or affiliated with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe,” Maforty said.

Maforty is a comedian who fuses, clean, witty and intellectual comic content to make everyone laugh.

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