Marry is a witch, claims Chiwenga … as couple’s acrimony is laid bare in court


VICE President Constantino Chiwenga has made sensational claims in court that his estranged wife Marry practises witchcraft — adding ruefully that marrying her was the worst mistake of his life, the Daily News reports. Responding to a High Court application by Marry for her to be allowed access to the couple’s three children and properties — which include a plush residence in one of Harare’s top suburbs, as well as six luxury vehicles — Chiwenga has also asked the courts to revoke his wife’s $50 000 bail. The retired military commander also told the court that he had taken custody of the couple’s children after Marry — who is facing attempted murder, fraud, externalisation and money laundering charges — was arrested and remanded in custody.
Marry is a witch, claims Chiwenga … as couple’s acrimony is laid bare in court. “The applicant was arrested and their children left alone. It became incumbent on the respondent (Chiwenga) to take the children. “I took them on holiday abroad and initially they had signs of trauma as they explained the black magic rituals they were subjected to by the applicant (Marry). “The various tools of trade (by) the witchdoctors which were unexpectedly left behind by applicant after her arrest, told a horror story,” Chiwenga said. “My clothes in some instances were heaped together and sprayed by applicant with some unknown substances. “I had to take the children away to cleanse memories of the horrors they experienced,” he added. The VP said further that “witchcraft was all over the house”, commenting that this was embarrassing in this day and age. Chiwenga also said that his estranged wife had never made a request to see the children, adding that he was better suited to have custody of the children as Marry was allegedly unfit to look after them. He said a medical report showed that Marry should be under the care of a physician, a surgeon and a psychiatrist. “It is indicated that she has flashbacks, suffers from lack of sleep and has difficulties in breathing, symptoms of illicit drug abuse. This abuse also caused swollen limbs and arms due to pricking needles. “Applicant cannot be trusted with children in the circumstances. “While she cannot be precluded from being with and seeing the children, the court must balance the scales as there is need for both parents to continuously be with the children in order to ensure an unabused welfare,” Chiwenga said. He also accused the former model of using “cunning” tactics to enter into his life. “Marrying her was the worst mistake I made. This was all due to the cunning behaviour she employed to secure a place in my life. “She needed moulding, but I later found you could not teach an old dog new tricks,” he said. Chiwenga, who is currently the acting president, also told the court that Marry needed to go to a rehabilitation facility. He also said that his estranged wife did not own the cars that she was demanding in her court papers. “The Toyota Lexus, registration number AEO5948, belongs to the respondent allocated to him under the Command Agriculture programme to supervise the programme countrywide. That said vehicle’s registration papers are with Command Agricul
ture. “Mercedes Benz S400 registration number AEC 1846 is a ministry of Defence vehicle purchased for use by the respondent when he was Commander Defence Forces (CDF). All the paper work is with the Ministry of Defence. “Mercedes Benz E350 (Silver) was given to the respondent as an escort vehicle for the children … Like the two above, they do not belong to the applicant in any way or at all,” Chiwenga said. He said the other Mercedes Benz E350 also belonged to the ministry of Defence. Chiwenga said the only vehicles that belonged to Marry were a Range Rover Autobiography and a BMW 7 Series which was in South Africa for repairs. The VP said further that Marry owned a Chevrolet, a Toyota Hilux and a Ford Ranger through her company Lachelle Travel and Tours.
“The cars she claims are not hers. Some are State cars, some are respondent’s. She only benefitted in using them because of her position then, which no longer exists,” he said. Chiwenga also said that he was willing to give Marry her personal clothing and goods, but would not want to stay with her at their matrimonial house in the exclusive Borrowdale Brooke gated community in Harare. Chiwenga also claimed he was awarded the house as part of his previous divorce settlement. Marry was ordered to stay at this matrimonial home as part of her bail conditions, but has said that Chiwenga — with the assistance of army officials — was barring her from entering the property. However, Chiwenga said she must seek to vary the bail conditions so that she does not stay at this property.
He further revealed that he had written to the prosecutor-general to amend Marry’s bail address so that she would not interfere with him. Chiwenga also said Marry owned houses in South Africa and “had moved” to that country during the time he was ill. He further accused her of “having caused his illness”, resulting in her allegedly attempting to murder him while he was in South Africa seeking medical treatment. The VP called for Marry’s bail to be revoked, claiming that she was a holder of two passports and that she had only surrendered one to the court — and adding that she had become a danger to him and the children. “Applicant is a dangerous person who basically wanted to liquidate me from the face of this earth. “Possibly, what saved me was failure on my part to sign a marriage certificate due to incapacity, which if done, would have been my passport to death as her possible wish to selfaggrandisement would have been achieved,” he said, adding that Marry was violent and abusive. He said Marry’s various claims were aimed at tarnishing his image possibly as a result of the influence of outside handlers seeking to assist her to escape from justice. He denied ever threatening to deal with Marry using “the full arsenal available” — querying why he would do that to a “frail addict”. He prayed for the dismissal of Marry’s application. Chiwenga’s answering affidavit comes after his estranged wife approached the courts seeking access to the couple’s Borrowdale Brooke home — after she was allegedly refused entry by heavily-armed soldiers. Marry’s lawyer, Taona Nyamakura — of Mtetwa & Nyambirai Legal Practitioners — told the Daily News last week that he had filed an urgent High Court application to enable Marry to be granted access to the property and others. “She is being denied access to the matrimonial house and access to their children and all the properties that they own. “The husband has placed armed soldiers there to prevent her access to the properties. We have already filed an urgent chamber application so
that she may be granted access to the properties,” he said. In the High Court application, Marry is seeking to be granted access to the Borrowdale Brooke property, permission to use her six cars — a Toyota Lexus, a Range Rover and four Mercedes Benz vehicles — as well as access to her clothes and other personal goods. She is also demanding access to her two safes which contain personal items, as well as permission to see her children. Marry is further seeking an order barring Chiwenga from using other people or personally preventing her from accessing their Orchid Gardens home in Domboshava, as well as an order directing a Lieutenant-Colonel Mangezi to return all the furniture and goods that were allegedly removed from Orchid Gardens using a Zimbabwe National Army vehicle. She has also accused Chiwenga of employing “cowboy antics” and abusing his position as the country’s vice president by using the army to bar her from accessing their properties. “I reiterate that this is not a business in which the respondent or members of the armed forces have any interest. “The presence of members of the armed forces at the premises speaks volumes of the extent of abuse of public authority by the respondent,” Marry further said. She was freed on bail by High Court judge Pisirayi Kwenda last week after spending three weeks behind bars, including the entire festive season. Kwenda ruled that Marry was a suitable candidate for bail, saying every accused person was presumed innocent until proven guilty. Besides ordering Marry to pay $50 000 bail and to reside at the Borrowdale property, Kwenda also asked her to surrender her diplomatic passport, report to the police once every two weeks and surrender title deeds belonging to a Highlands property belonging to her parents’ company, KM Auctions. Marry stands accused of externalising funds to China and South Africa, where she is said to have bought two houses and three top-ofthe-range vehicles. The former model is also accused of attempting to murder her husband while he was in South Africa, during the time he was gravely ill. In addition, she is accused of seeking to wed Chiwenga without his consent and knowledge during the time he was seriously ill. In her bail papers, Marry has described the State’s claims and its evidence against her on the attempted murder charge as “utterly useless.”

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