Mambo  Dhuterere to grace UK festival


GOSPEL singer Mambo Dhuterere, pictured, will grace the next edition of Y2K Promotions’ Sama Festival in the United Kingdom (UK) alongside Ex Q, Mbeu, Baba Harare and Winky D.

Dhuterere was ushered into the showbiz limelight last year after launching his life changing album Dare Guru with plug songs such as Mweya Ndisesekedze and Dare Guru.

“This UK concert was supposed to be held in April but it was postponed to next year due to Covid-19.

“I am going there for the first time together with my wife. I am happy that my work has been appreciated even overseas,” Dhuterere said.

The musician is going to launch his fourth studio album Ngoni, a six-track project comprising songs; Ndabvunza Emmanueri, Kubata Basa, Zvinonyadzisa, Kurira Mukundi and Ndinzwei.

While other musicians have withheld their projects because of the Covid-19 national lockdown,  Dhuterere real name Darlington Mutseta says he is not into music to make money but to spread the message.

“I am not into music for money but to preach the word. I have a message to deliver to the people during this period hence I cannot wait for the lockdown to be lifted.

“Gospel musicians are called to offer hope to the troubled and hopeless,” Mambo Dhuterere said.

Besides, the musician is banking on online royalties.

“After releasing the album, I can still make money through online royalties.

“We do not rely on live concerts anymore,” said the 28-year- old musician said.

Dhuterere fellowships at St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World and ventured into music industry in 2014.

He has collaborated with different musicians in his career and these include Mathias Mhere, Seh Calaz and Trymore Bande among others.

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