Mai Titi calls off Ben 10 relationship

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IT seems this is the end of a fairy tale love story as Mai Titi and Ben 10 Zizoe Pamyk’s relationship recently came to an end — whether staged or real the soapie has ended!

Mai Titi has announced her breakup with Zizoe, saying he had uttered insensitive words on her HIV status.

“I’m calling it off with Zizoe because of what he said to me. He said I should appreciate him for loving me despite my condition because if it was not for him no one would love me,” she said in a live video.

She has since shared a text message allegedly from Zizoe in which he was apologising for “saying bad things”.
The two’s relationship had been viewed by some as a marketing gimmick for Zizoe Pamyk’s music.

They have both shared a number of pictures and videos together showing their love life.
The breakup happened in the United Kingdom and the location has resulted in some people questioning the authenticity of the relationship.

Mai Titi said she will not let the breakup interfere with her hustle, adding this is not new to her and that people meet to part.

In another video over the weekend, she said contrary to popular sentiments, she was not dumped but she left the relationship.

“People meet to part, I left the relationship and I was not dumped. I had to let go, maybe we were never meant to be,” she said.

“I’m used to this and this will not break me. I was abandoned by my husband of 10 years and I will not let this month-old relationship affect me,” she added.

While others anticipate a series of fights, she said she had no hard feelings.

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