Madlela speaks to diasporans in new song


AWARD-winning rhumba musician Madlela Sikhobokhobo has released a single targeted at Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora.

The single released over the weekend is part of Madlela’s upcoming album is titled Khumbule ‘khaya.
According to Madlela who features Bajila in the song, he was forced to release the single due to its relevance to the current Civid-19 outbreak.

“I was supposed to release my 10-track album this month but unfortunately due to Covid-19, I had to postpone it. However, I realised there was this song Khumbule ‘ekhay which is relevant to the on-going global pandemic, so I had to release it as a single.

“The song actually urges diasporans to remain strong in the wake of Covid-19.
“It also reminds them that home is best and the challenges they are facing are just but a passing phase,” Madlela told Daily News.

The musician showed his versatility in the song as he adeptly composed it on an afro- jazz beat.
“This is a different beat all together, so my rhumba fans must not be disappointed as their stuff is coming soon after the end of Covid-19.

“Just like the late Solomon Skuza, I don’t stick to one genre because I am a story-teller before being a musician.
“If I feel a certain story coming to my mind that will be best told by a gospel or jazz beat then I will do just that,” Mandlela said.

He was glad that people have continued to receive his music despite alternating beats.
Madlela who is also an actor and comedian has to date done tracks in house, afro-jazz and gospel beats among others.

“I did not start as an outright rhumba musician but the hit track Ngamnanka forced me into rhumba music and now I have fallen in love with the genre.”

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  1. Geoffrey says

    Well Done Madlela we look up to you

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