Londoner Trust comes to artists’ aid


LONDONER Entertainment Foundation Trust will every month until the end of the year donate sanitaryware and food stuffs to different female artists.

The Trust, a brainchild of Peter and Joyce Mubi has since the coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown helped seven groups with different interventions.


Pindurai Mwakurudza Trustee handing over to Tendai Kativhu recipient

The seven groups include Zoey and the Red Angels, DJ Torne, Apama, Tyrants, Sungura Boys (Byo) and an Albino charity organisation home that runs a small musical band.

Joyce Mubi said: “The board has agreed to donate goods to two female artists every month until the end of the year.

“The ladies will receive sanitary pads apart from the groceries. This is our contribution to the entertainment sector which has been affected by the current lockdown.

“And we are not doing this on our own as we have several partners who are chipping in with donations.
“As for this month we are happy that Gertrude Zhuwaou who is in Zambia has made the donations which will go a long way. She says she is touched by the plight of female artists in Zimbabwe, hence the gesture. She has sent an assortment of goods which are already in the country and ready for disbursement.”

This week, Pindurai Mwakurudza a Londoner Entertainment Foundation Trust Trustee donated goods to recipient Tendai Kativhu.

Kativhu is a professional dancer having showcased in groups led by Lady Storm, Cream Lollipop and Blue Virgins.

“So she will share with her colleagues most of the goods,” said Mubi.


Meanwhile, Gertrude Zhuwaou is a bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Psychology holder and seasoned Marketing, Sales and Public Relations manager proficient at collaborating with multiple stakeholders to determine audience interest and develop strategic go-to-market communication plans that align with business priorities and initiatives, with a comprehensive background managing highly effective communication campaigns that supported key sales, marketing and stakeholder engagement objectives

She has worked as Guest Relations Officer and Operations Manager of Zimbabwe Sun Hotels where she implemented high-impact sales and marketing initiatives, resulting in increased occupancy and profitability.

Zhuwaou also trained and managed a team of 25 employees for Red Fox Hotel where she launched aggressive growth plans that helped increase customer base.

She also worked as a Communications and Marketing Manager for Southern African Research and Documentation Centre.



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