Lockdown brutality: Victims sue police

Shamiso Dzingire

©️  THREE men who suffered injuries after they were allegedly assaulted by police officers enforcing the nationwide lockdown, have written to the commissioner-general of police Godwin Matanga, indicating their notice to sue.

Trymore Nhari from Gweru, Weston Chadomba and Sethukani Ncube — both from Bulawayo — suffered a broken arm, hearing problems and a dislocated shoulder respectively as a result of the alleged beatings.
As a result of the alleged assault, Nhari and Chadomba are demanding $300 000 each, while Ncube is claiming $250 000 as compensation.
 In May 11 letters written by their lawyers Jabulani Mhlanga and Nosimilo Chanayiwa from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), the trio said they are intending to sue the individual officers concerned, the commissioner-general of the police services, the Home Affairs and Defence ministers and the commander of the national army in terms of the State Liabilities Act.
In one of the letters, Mhlanga said his client, Chadomba was on his way home when he came across a police officer and soldier who were controlling a truck that was selling subsidised mealie-meal at Njube.
Mhlanga said a misunderstanding arose when he wanted to proceed as the truck blocked the road.


 “As a result, the police officer switched off the engine of his vehicle, removed his vehicle keys from the ignition, dragged him out of his vehicle and started to assault him with open hands all over his body. The soldier joined in and assaulted him using the butt of his gun.

“As a result, our client suffered injuries all over his body and his ears were affected and he is currently having hearing problems,” Mhlanga claims.
Upon realising the impact of their actions and the extent of the injuries sustained by Chadomba and in a bid to cover up their conduct, Mhlanga said his client was dragged to Njube Police Station where he was jointly charged with two other persons and made to pay $500 fine before seeking medical attention at Mpilo Central Hospital.
In the case of Ncube, Mhlanga said his client was at home on April 25 when he was assaulted by eight uniformed police officers.
He says Ncube was assaulted with batons, booted feet all over his body and as a result, suffered a dislocated shoulder.
Chanayiwa said Nhari was assaulted by police officers in Gweru CBD, resulting in him suffering a broken left arm.
“Immediately thereafter, our client made a police report at Gweru Central Police Station where he was insulted and threatened with physical violence by the officer-in-charge,” Chanayiwa said.


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