‘Let’s eliminate systemic corruption’


Jeffrey Muvundusi

FORMER State Enterprises and Parastatals minister Gorden Moyo has called for the elimination of systemic corruption in parastatals to stop them from being a burden to the fiscus.

Speaking in an online Transparency International Zimbabwe interview recently, Moyo said corruption was the major cancer in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

“Corruption is the issue here. Until we deal with systemic and structural corruption in Zimbabwe, our State-owned enterprises will continue to be a burden to the fiscus and to the people of Zimbabwe.

“A systemic problem is embedded in the structures and in the institutions of a country and the main institution becomes the government and by the government let me use a substitution, the Cabinet,” Moyo said.

The former Makokoba Member of Parliament said it was the leadership heading government that can effectively deal with the systemic and structural corruption.

He, however, said Mnangagwa squandered a perfect opportunity to rebuild the country after the November 2017 military-backed government takeover.

“There was an opportunity immediately after the coup in November 2017. Zimbabweans were ready to comply; there was a national and global consensus that perhaps this is time for transformation, time for social change, political transformation. Zimbabweans were ready, waiting for the government to give a signal and show commitment, but that commitment did not come simply because their (government) hands are dirty,” Moyo said.

The former MDC senior official, who has lately been maintaining a low profile, said an inclusive dialogue was the only way Zimbabwe can get out of the current mess.

“There is a need for inclusive dialogue, Zimbabweans must dialogue, there is no sin in dialogue if we come together as Zimbabweans and agree on the pillars of transformation and change, social and economic, and agree on the way forward with a change on the mind-set, a mind-set which says we want to build our country and then we will solve these problems.”

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