Ken Wahmambo cherishes online showcase


AFRO-soul singer Kennedy ‘‘Ken Wahmambo’’ Ndambakuwa has joined the great digital trek as he put up a polished solo performance on the Nash TV Lockdown programme.

The singer whose dream is to collaborate with Tanga Wekwa Sando showcased his acoustic guitar playing prowess dishing out songs from his debut project titled Songs of Solomon.

In an interview with the Daily News, the singer said he preaches the gospel of love hence the album’s title Songs of Solomon. The project contains eight songs that include Mira Neni and Pakutanga.

“We are currently in a lockdown and much of the work has gone digital. I’m happy with the response I got from my performance and I will be taking much of my art online. It is my wish to collaborate with Tanga Wekwa Sando because he has a unique sound that could easily merge with mine,” he said.

Ken Wahmambo said his music is meant to appeal and connect with people’s souls and the subject of love appeals to many. “My music is meant to preach love, heal broken hearts until they learn to love again. If one is to read the book, Songs of Solomon, they will get the concept behind my music.”

Ken Wahmambo said while the lockdown has affected the music industry, it has also come with opportunities. “We have been crippled financially because there are no gatherings but as for me this has given me an opportunity to work on more music and I have begun working on a new album. I will be dropping singles as time goes on; this season has also provided an opportunity for our work to be noticed by many people as they go online.”

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