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Kapfupi, Slomo feature in new video

Vasco Chaya

SUNGURA musician Panganayi Hare aka Mukoma Panga in music circles, has roped in comedian Kapfupi and dancer Franco Slomo in a new music video titled Chibhakera.

The word can be loosely translated to a fist; hence the song tackles domestic violence.
To effectively drive his point home, Mukoma Panga hired the services of Kapfupi who played his role with distinction, thanks to the help of his wife Precious Kabrito aka Mai Nga.

In the song’s video, Kapfupi whose real name is Freddy Manjalima, is seen “abusing” his wife Mai Nga both physically and emotionally.

To spice up the video, Mukoma Panga roped in talented dancer Francis “Franco Slomo” Dhaka the leader of Extra Kwazvose band.

Mukoma Panga told the Daily News that he is Kapfupi’s biggest fan. “I am a big fan of Kapfupi and Mai Nga. They are very versatile as actor and actress. In the song Chibhakera we are talking of serious issues of domestic violence and economic hardships facing families. As a result, especially during this indefinite Covid-19-induced lockdown, cases of domestic violence are on the rise.

“In the video I wanted someone who could convey this serious message in a comic way and to me no one else could aptly bring the message home except Kapfupi and his wife Mai Nga.”
On the other hand, Mukoma Panga said Slomo will remain one of the best dancers in the country.

“Regarding the appearance of Slomo in the video, to me there is no better dancer in the country who can beat Slomo. I was aware of the current challenges Slomo is facing and I said to him ‘hey man stand up and fight and show the world that you are still the best on the dance floor.’ His choreography is very good and second to none. I hope the video gives him a new lease of life as he is the King of dancers in Zimbabwe.”
In his previous video Panganayi, Mukoma Panga roped in the services of socialites Madam Boss and Lorraine Guyo among others.

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