It’s either we behave or die!

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AS ZIMBABWE is now in the grip of a seemingly more devastating phase of the deadly coronavirus, it is important for the general public to be on its best behaviour.

It is quite clear that we have entered a dangerous phase, after the country initially appeared to have contained this killer virus, as evidenced by the significant fall in cases between September and October last year.

During that period, the government relaxed the coronavirus restrictions, as authorities further opened the economy.

But it must be said that the re-imposition of a tough lockdown, occasioned by the spiralling cases of Covid-19, means that that period of relaxation is over.

The reversion to the stiffened lockdown is meant to curb the spread of this lethal virus, but without everyone playing their part, the country will find it difficult to emerge from this second wave without losing many citizens.

It is saddening and also disconcerting that many Zimbabweans, among them the most discerning, need to be reminded about heeding the coronavirus restrictions.

We need to observe and adhere to the World Health Organisation (WHO) safety guidelines notwithstanding the glaring facts that millions have been infected globally with tens of thousands also dying. Zimbabweans have collective responsibilities as individuals, families, communities and indeed as a nation to choose either to behave or die.

It is not asking too much for people to wear masks in public and observe physical distancing, be it in shops, buses or at work stations. “We appeal to you fellow Zimbabweans that whilst scientists all over the world are working on a vaccine, it remains imperative that you and I adhere to the measures as stipulated.

“The complex nature of the virus, its mutation, remains worrisome for all of us hence the mandatory compliance to the measures we are putting in place as government. “In past lockdowns, we achieved a lot in controlling the spread of the virus. This was achieved by a unity of purpose. Notwithstanding, as leadership we observe the general laxity and carelessness of our people to adhere to set protocols,” acting

President Kembo Mohadi couldn’t have put it more aptly when addressing the nation on Monday. The onus is on each and every individual to play their part in complementing health workers and indeed the government, in the fight against the second wave of Covid-19.

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