Is acting Peter Moyo’s true calling?


GROWING up, sungura musician Peter Moyo’s dream was to be a top professional footballer.

In fact, until 2009, two years before the death of his famous father — sungura music legend Tongai Moyo — Peter was playing for the Under-19 team of the now defunct Lancashire Steel football club.

After a plea from his father, Young Igwe, as Peter is now popularly known, was forced by circumstances to pull the strings of his late father’s lead guitar.

Since his father’s death in 2011, Peter has released four fairly good albums — Mushonga Mukuru (2013), Mabasa aMwari (2015), Mopao Mokonzi (2017) and Mwana Wemurozvi (2019).

The jury is still out, though, as some critics insist that Young Igwe was never cut out to be a musician in the first place.

But after brilliantly acquitting himself in several comic skits alongside jiti musician Baba Harare and comedienne Lorraine Guyo of ‘ndinyengeiwo’ fame, many are now asking whether acting is Peter’s true calling.

Peter recently starred in Baba Harare’s video ‘Samatenga,’ playing the role of a home wrecker caught being intimate with a married woman.

Young Igwe, however, insists that acting is a pastime which he does for fun during his free time.

“This is something I do for fun and during my spare time. The nature of my work as a musician is usually weekends meaning from Monday to Thursday I will be free. This is when I do the comic skits and I’m happy people love them,” said the Mira Newako singer.

Despite the popularity his acting is getting, the singer said he will remain in music for the long haul.

“I am not considering pursuing a career in acting. I will not quit music because it is a better job for me. In terms of returns, music is much rewarding and I will continue on that path,” Young Igwe said.

He, however, claims that some filmmakers have approached him for an acting role.

“Some filmmakers approached me offering me an acting role but like I said this is just for fun as my focus right now is on music,” said Young Igwe.

Even though some people continue to question his music talent, the sungura musician — one of the few local entertainers with a fairly huge following — insisted to the Daily News on Sunday that people were unfairly understating what he has achieved as a musician.

“I believe in my own art and I’m happy that people now have trust in what we do on stage. Many people now trust Utakataka for real entertainment and the numbers at our shows speak for themselves,” he said

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