Illegal miner shot dead


A 27-YEAR-OLD MAN, who was part of 60 illegal miners who intended to invade a mine in Battlefields, Kadoma, was shot dead by a security guard after he tried to attack one of the officers manning the premises with an axe and a knife. National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident yesterday, saying violence of any form would not be tolerated. “The man was part of about 60 illegal miners who raided a mine which was being manned by three guards. When they were ordered to leave, the man, armed with an axe and a knife menacingly charged towards one of the guards intending to disarm him and was shot by one of the guards on seeing that his colleague’s life was in danger. The rest of the illegal miners fled from the scene,” Nyathi said. Nyathi warned like-minded elements that they will face the full wrath of the law. Illegal miners have become a menace in many mining towns, where they have caused havoc, killing innocent people in the process.

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