Harare struggles to attract investors for Pomona dumpsite


HARARE City Council is scouting for a new investor for the construction of a plant to convert waste into energy at Pomona Dumpsite seven months after halting the project implementation.

The local authority terminated a memorandum of understanding (MoU) it signed with Dutch company Integrated Energy BV (IEBV) in May 2019 for the construction of a US$134 million waste-to-energy incinerator at the dumpsite after some contractual disagreements.

Council spokesperson Michael Chideme told the Daily News that the local authority was now courting new partners to implement the project to generate electricity from waste at the Pomona dumpsite.

“The problem we had with the project over the years is that we could not find suitable investors for the project.

“Currently we are looking for partners to invest in the project and we are hopeful that this time around it will bear fruit because Pomona is an important city asset that should be utilised.

“Proper landfill management and engagement of a partner will ensure power reliability at council facilities,” said Chideme.

When successfully implemented, the project will result in job creation, skills improvement, women empowerment, improvement of environmental quality both air and water and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Pomona Dumpsite, which has been in use for over three decades, has become a sore point for the city council due to frequent power outbreaks.

When the project was first mooted in 2018, the council wanted a firm with the financial muscle to invest $100 million.

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