Harare installs street cameras

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TELECOMMUNICATIONS firm TelOne has partnered the Harare City Council in installing a traffic enforcement system (street cameras) on the capital’s streets, in a move meant to bring back sanity into the city centre.

A pilot traffic enforcement system has been installed at the intersection of Simon Muzenda Street and Jason Moyo Avenue.

“The cameras will monitor the nearby area, each time motor vehicles violet the rules of the road, then the system will identify that. We will also use the system in updating traffic congestion programmes,” Harare Municipality spokesperson Michael Chideme said.

The city council said they will work with the police to make sure those who violate road rules will be booked.

“We are trying to minimise human intervention when it comes to enforcing traffic violations.”

The traffic enforcement system will also go a long way in reducing crime in the city centre.

“Law enforcement agents will also rely on the system when investigating criminal activities committed around the area, be it mugging or any other activities,” he said.

The municipality will install more street cameras once the pilot project brings the desired results.

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