Global fashion agency scouts in Zimbabwe


GLOBAL fashion consultancy agency, Fabusse executives are currently in the country on a mission to sign local fashion houses and brands in a bid to promote them worldwide.

With 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, Fabusse provides various services as per need of fashion designers.

India-based Fabusse Africa general partner Victoria Samushonga, who is Zimbabwean, exclusively told the Daily News that she had come to the realisation that Zimbabwe has been very much under represented over the years.

“And because I am in charge of Africa I want to focus on helping my fellow countrymen grow their fashion brands worldwide.”Samushonga said Fabusse provides a wide range of services and called on local fashion industry experts to submit their applications and sign with Fabusse so as to further their skills beyond Zimbabwe alone.

She said Fabusse focuses mainly on fashion consultancy, brand building, brand identity, graphic designing, model hunting, fashion campaigning, website building, copywriting and digital marketing among other things.

“We provide consultancy to help brands earn a global name and all it takes is reaching out to us through their applications and their willingness to part ways with an amount of money depending on their needs,” said Samushonga. “We do not like to talk more than we can act therefore I am promising fashion experts our full cooperation in catapulting them as a business partner of progression for their skills and crafts in fashion.”

Samushonga believes that 2020 is a season of change for Zimbabwean fashionistas.
She added that with their services, information and access it will be good if Zimbabwe can also produce even one person who can light up the global platforms from now going forward.

“We have previously assisted a female designer called Chiedza of the brand Chiye to showcase in South Africa in 2018 and in 2019 we had the opportunity to work with Tendi Kusano another designer from Zimbabwe who we took to showcase in South Africa.

“This year we are organising a weeks’ trip for designers for those in the fashion industry to visit India and have a one-on-one feel of the intense fashion industry there right from fabric manufacturing processes, hand embroidery, fabric finishing and garment production,” said Samushonga.

Fabusse was formed by a fashionista called Ramez Basmaji and its head office is in Kuwait.

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