Gallery hosts opera evening


© WELL-WISHERS have organised an opera evening to raise funds for leading soprano musician Molly Dzangare to enable her to enrol for her second year studies at the South Africa College of Music in Cape Town.
The event which will be free of charge is being organised by optician Solomon Guramatunhu with the assistance of a group of volunteers will be promptly starting at 6:30pm at the National Gallery on Saturday.
“A reception with snacks and drinks precedes performance by soprano Dzangare and tenor Nigel Hopkins, accompanied by pianist Carolyn Peto,” said event organiser Candice Gleig.
Gleig said she fell in love with Dzangare and Hopkins’ voices from the moment she listened to them perform at an event they were both singing.
She added that it was at that event she learnt that Dzangare needed help raising funds for university fees.
“I thought about it and spoke to…Guramatunhu about doing an opera evening for her to raise money because he knows her as he has heard her sing on a number of occasions, so naturally he was on board,” Gleig said.
She said it was then that Guramatunhu contacted the National Gallery’s deputy director Raphael Chikukwa and asked if they could host the event there and Chikukwa agreed with no hesitation because he too was familiar with Dzangare’s talent.
Gleig said the event will be phenomenal as she has heard the two musicians rehearsing together. “Their voices simply carry through the gallery bringing it to life. They are truly the voices of Angels.”
Gleig said they have invited a few diplomats and anyone that is interested in Opera and wants to hear these angelic voices is also welcome. “I just want her to finish university and get everything she needs to become even better and bring that amazing voice back to Zimbabwe and make us even more proud,” she said.
Entry at the event will be by donation.

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