FBC Bank Launches Noku, Digital Banking Assistant on Whatsapp


FBC Bank has announced the launch of Noku, a smart Digital Assistant who has been equipped with the capability of assisting clients with executing banking and insurance services on Whatsapp at any time of the day…24/7.

Noku also allows anyone to open an FBC Instant Account or Mobile Moola wallet on WhatsApp without visiting a physical branch.

Existing FBC account-holders who are registered for Mobile Moola can start banking with Noku on Whatsapp by saving the number 0776 670 211 on theirsmartphones as a phone contact.

Once Noku’s contact is saved ,one can initiate a conversation with Noku in the same way they do when chatting with a friend or relative on whatsapp. One can start the conversation with Noku with any greeting message of their choice such as ‘Greetings’, ‘Hi’, ‘Whatsapp’, ‘Etaa’, ‘Maswera sei?’ or ‘Ndeipi’ to start banking or insuring with Noku.

Noku, can serve clients with the following services:


 Balance Enquiry

 Mini Statement

 Bill Payments

 Internal Transfers

 Zipit to Other Banks

 Zipit to Cell

 Mobile Banking Pin change

 Block Card Functionality

 Beneficiary Management

Insurance Services

 Third party insurance

 Third party and Zinara licence

 Zinara licence only

Announcing the development, Roy Nyakunuwa(Acting Head- FBC Group Marketing) said, “ FBC Bank is dedicated towards supporting sustainable digital processes and creative innovations for driving the delivery of superb service across click-only or digital banking channels.

The bank takes pride in utilising state-of-the art banking systems to offer exceptionally convenient services to our valued clients. It is against this background that we have seen it fit to develop Noku which is our gift to FBC Clients in line with our new promise … You Matter Most ”

“ Noku is an extension of our mobile financal platform which is available on the (*220#) platform. We launched Noku with a crystal-clear objective of improving customer experience by allowing clients to transact onWhatsapp.

Noku enables customers to make use of the familiar Whatsapp chat, which is more interactive and personal” added Roy Nyakunuwa.

FBC clients will enjoy the following benefits when banking or insuring with Noku: Instant access to banking and insurance services without the need to visit a physical branch.

No need to download an additional application, client can use the everyday chat messenger (WhatsApp) Providing Banking Services on the preferred channel Whatsapp is a cost effective communication channel Can be used using social media bundles, Wi-Fi, and mobile data Customer focused user experience 24/7 availability FBC is a diversified and innovative financial services provider using technology to offer top-notch financial services to the market.

The institution has driven simplicity by automating the account opening process for everyone using a popular and user-friendly platform such as Whatsapp.



Issued on 17 September 2020

Roy Nyakunuwa- Acting Head of FBC Group Marketing

Group Marketing Division

FBC Centre, 45 Nelson Mandela Avenue

Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone : +263 242 707057/704608/783206

Cell : +263 731 306 861

Email : public.relations@fbc.co.zw

Website : www.fbc.co.zw

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