Entrepreneur releases debut book


Vasco Chaya




ZVISHAVANE-based entrepreneur and author Banabas Marambire has released his debut inspirational book meant to inspire people to work hard in life despite socio-economic and political challenges they experience in life.

The book titled Herdboy, which is on Amazon, is grounded on a true story of an orphan who ascended to business glory through hard work. This is a book whose principles and values directly speak to entrepreneurs.

“This is my first book and it’s based on my personal experience. I wrote it to motivate others through my experience. I grew up as an orphan, started working as a herdboy and worked through saving until I managed to start my own company that has grown to hire more than 200 employees. So the book really tells everyone who might doubt that it’s possible,” Marambire said.

The author lost both parents at the age of 13 and grew up in a village called Matizenyika in Chivi in Masvingo.

The book cherishes the idea that education is important in people’s lives. The author, however, includes a cautionary note that attaining education alone does not guarantee anything; it is how you use both education and the mind that matters.

“I am inspired by hardwork, identifying problems and solving them using a business approach. Strive Masiyiwa is my role model. I respect and love the way he does his business. Mostly I like the way he interacts with people on his Facebook page,” he said.

Marambire’s story denounces the mainstream thought that failing in school means one will obviously fail in life. The book registers that failure is experienced by everyone at some point and that where possible it should be avoided and must also be perceived as a mere temporary setback rather than a permanent condition.

The book acknowledges that it is not failure which really matters but how we react to failure in our effort to picking and piecing together the broken pieces of failure.

“The Herdboy gives us real life principles which we ordinarily would not hear from the successful entrepreneurs since they do not often share much about how they navigated their path to the top,” he said.

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