Loice Gakaka

EcoCash Holdings wins Best Contact Centre award

EcoCash Holdings Zimbabwe Limited, formerly Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe, has won the Best Contact Centre award at the 2021 Customer Service Awards recently hosted by the Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe (CCAZ) which celebrates organizations that offer superior customer service.

The leading technology solutions group has over the past few years shown strong performance in the customer service department in a very challenging environment.

Loice Gakaka, EcoCash Holdings customer experience General Manager, said the latest achievement was a direct consequence of the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and support for all its clients.

“We are truly honoured to be the recipients of this award for the second time, the first one being in 2019 Customer centricity is a key pillar at EcoCash Holdings, where the customer comes first in everything we do,” she said.

“This award is an affirmation that we are heading in the right direction in ensuring our customers receive a world class service. It contributes to our reputation as a trustworthy brand that delivers and reassures us that we have the right people looking after our valued customers.”

EcoCash Holdings uses digital solutions to drive socio-economic development and to improve the overall quality of life for all Africans. It has business units stretching from mobile payments, insurance, agriculture, education, health and remittances, among others.

Gakaka said the listed financial technology firm is a strong believer in ensuring that its customers get a service that is not only simple but also efficient and effective.

“We operate complex platforms and occasionally we experience technology performance issues. But to mitigate this we have implemented automated reversal solutions to facilitate reversals when a transaction has failed to go through.

“Our initial target was our high traffic EcoCash use cases, which include ZESA token purchases, Merchant payments, Banking services and airtime reversals. Customers no longer have to reach out to us in the event of a failure, as funds are automatically reversed into their accounts in less than five
minutes,” she said.

To meet customers’ ever-changing needs and promote social distancing, EcoCash Holdings recently launched a self-service portal (*150#) where customers are able to do PIN resets and send money reversals all on their own. At the same time, the group’s insurance unit’s Moovah licence disc renewal service was very popular during the lockdown as it offered a delivery service for added convenience.

“Going forward we have taken a very deliberate decision to ensure that our supportive customers are not only empowered through the exciting digital solution offerings on our roadmap, but to also ensure they get value for their hard earned money.

In line with the group’s digital ambitions, EcoCash Holdings is building capabilities that tap into artificial intelligence and machine learning to help deliver an intuitive customer experience.

“This will go a long way in ensuring that customer experience is real time, all online and empowering customers through self-service,” Gakaka said.