Doctor Mandaza claims sabotage

A HARARE medical doctor Michael Mandaza, who is accused of conducting fake medical tests and generating results, has distanced himself from the offence, describing it as an act of fabrication and an inside job. 

Mandaza allegedly conducted fake laboratory tests on patients at his hospital, charging them between US$40 to US$80 per test and was generating fake laboratory results. 

In his application for bail, Mandaza said he never defrauded anyone and that he is not the owner of the hospital, but was just an employee. 

He argued that the number of officers, who stormed his premises, show that the offence was an organised trap. 

“I never performed any fraud on anyone. My office is public which is used by everyone, including four doctors and nurses.  

“This is a pure trap organised considering the number of officers that came. What they saw is contrary to what they were told. They heard that I’m into money laundering and I keep huge amounts such as quarter of a million dollars, but all I had was a small amount,” he said. 

Mandaza’s lawyer said this was a weak and fabricated case which he has been wrongly charged with.

Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga will today give a ruling on his bail application which was opposed by the State on the basis that he was facing a serious offence. 

Prosecutor Anesu Chirenje alleges that Mandaza and Euro Pacific 24 Hour Hospital were collecting blood, sputum and other samples to be forwarded for laboratory tests before treatment and patients were charged between US$40 and US$80. 

It is alleged that the samples would not be submitted for the laboratory tests, but Mandaza would manufacture fictitious computer-generated laboratory results from his office and claim that Sampling Diagnostic Laboratory had done the testing. 

It is alleged that Sampling Diagnostic Laboratory does not exist as it is not registered with Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe and the Health Professions Authority of Zimbabwe. 

The physical address also listed on the result slips handed out by Mandaza was of a different property which is not a laboratory. 

Mandaza’s conduct came to light when one of the complainants Ivy Chaitezvi was made to pay US$85 for tests for renal function and the results were fake. 

Another patient, Simbisai Chisue also had her blood samples taken for a perceived liver problem and the results were fraudulently designed 

It is also alleged that officers had to break a cabinet locker after Mandaza failed to produce keys and a thousand more files dating back from 2017 are being analysed. 

The alleged laboratory results on the Sampling Diagnostic Laboratory letterhead indicate the referring doctor as Jasper Chimedza, who is also the Health ministry permanent secretary.