Dhuterere condemns adultery, stirs controversy


© GOSPEL musician Mambo Dhuterere has stirred controversy after sharing a video in which he condemns adultery.
Mambo Dhuterere, in a seven minute video directed at men, condemns extra-marital affairs which he believes are a hindrance in people lives, describing it as a lack of self-respect.
He also touches on the element of sharing phones saying an upright man should be comfortable with his spouse having access to his phone.
He raises issues of men sleeping around converting whatever space into a love nest. The singer also condemns those who ditch their families while going on to look after their side chicks’ children.
In consistency with his message he denounces polygamy describing monogamy as a blessing.
While his message has been received by some, there are others who feel this is an attack on men. Curiously women also joined the conversation attacking the musician saying he has crossed the line and should stick to music. Some said fame has gotten into the musician’s head.
While he faced criticism, others including fellow celebrities jumped to his defence among them comedienne Mai Titi.
“So after Mambo Dhuterere posted his words of wisdom some people started criticising and looking for faults. Honestly, there was nothing wrong in him telling us not to promote promiscuity.
“If men didn’t cheat even HIV would not be reigning like this. We wouldn’t be suffering as women with STIs; all these stupid diseases which could be easily avoided. And worse these men don’t like to use protection especially to their wives yet they be having unprotected sex out there; return home and spread diseases,” she wrote on Facebook.

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