Defiance must be dealt with without remorse


IT is worrying to note the clear defiance of national lockdown measures in most cities and towns since President Emmerson Mnangagwa extended the shutdown by 14 days on Sunday to contain the deadly coronavirus.

There has been increased vehicular and human traffic across the cities and towns, a serious blow to the fight against the pandemic that had by yesterday infected 28 people, including four deaths in the country.

The relaxation by Mnangagwa of some of the measures seemed to have spurred people to ignore the lockdown protocols as citizens seek to eke out a living under the current tough conditions.

Mnangagwa, for the sake of the country’s economic survival, allowed the mining and manufacturing sectors to re-open under tight parameters.

It appears some people are taking advantage of these relaxations to defy the rules to transact their own businesses.
The situation is worse in most high density suburbs where it is business as usual, a risk the country cannot afford as it spells disaster given our country’s perilous health situation.

The government has and is battling to combat the pandemic and these efforts must be supported by all citizens by adhering religiously to the shutdown measures until we flatten the curve.

The risk the people are plunging into is too ghastly to contemplate, hence the government must come down with a sledgehammer against the violators.

Punitive sanctions have to be imposed without fear, favour or remorse.
Screws have to be toque-ranged if the country is to save lives and contain the spread of the lethal disease that has wreaked economic havoc, infected and killed tens of thousands of people.

We cannot afford to allow lackadaisical attitudes to set in.

There is need to support government efforts to ramp up testing and screening to know and understand the extent and expanse of spread of the pandemic.

We are quite cognisant of trials and tribulations the people, especially the ordinary men and women, are going through in feeding families, but a life lost due to recklessness can not be replaced. There is need for sacrifices to turn the corner.

Like Mnangagwa said, a collapsed economy can be re-built, but a lost life cannot be replaced.
The government must strive to come up with safety nets to cushion the vulnerable as a matter of urgency.

Failure to do so will continue to force citizens to defy the lockdown measures.

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