Covid-19 disrupts awards ceremonies


Anesu  Mirisawu




THE Zimbabwe Music  Awards (Zima) which were set for  February 6 have been postponed to February 20 due to the Covid-19 lockdown put in place by the government.

The postponement is happening at a time the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) have also changed format for the Nama which usually takes place in February.

The prestigious Nama were postponed to 2022 owing to the impact of the Covid-19  pandemic.

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe postponed the awards due to lack of activity in the arts sector.

In a statement it announced: “Nama shall celebrate Zimbabwe’s 40th anniversary as well as the 35 years of Nac existence. Officials say the awards will be a unique event in the sense that on the night we shall honour 40 legends as we celebrate 40 years of independence, dubbed Nama Legends Awards #Namalegends.”

Meanwhile Zima  spokesperson Benjamin Nyandoro announced in a statement: “Zima wishes to inform all music stakeholders that the Zima 2021 awards ceremony has been rescheduled .This has been necessitated by the on-going developments around concerted efforts to curtail the further spread of Covid-19 and possibly finding a lasting solution to this pandemic.”

Nyandoro said there is hope that by February 20 the environment might be favourable: “We hope that by February 20 the environment will be more conducive to hold the awards ceremony while still adhering to safe health practices.”

Nyandoro also mentioned the need to follow Covid-19 protocols which also necessitated the change of dates.

Zima is an annual award ceremony meant to acknowledge and honour musical excellence and creativity as well as provide a high profile and multi-faceted celebration of rich cultural diversity of Zimbabwean music.

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