Coronavirus: Let’s humble ourselves before God


BLESSING KASIYAMHURU – FELLOW Zimbabweans, it is time that we continuously pray with a sense of humility before God seeking his mercy as Coronavirus (Covid-19) is now in our midst and we have nowhere to seek refuge from it.

Who else can impact the world like that if not the Creator? Countless times throughout the scriptures God gave mercy to those who humbled themselves before him because of his humility.

Humility is a powerful tool that unlocks mercy from the heart of God. When we choose to submit to the lord in all we do and to surrender every part of our lives to him, we will be rewarded.

Like the situation of our economy which is reeling under a myriad of operational challenges, most among them a volatile and unstable fiscal environment, treading the path of humility before God as a nation will unlock mercy on us from the lord.

We only worsen our woes when we choose intentionally to follow our ill-conceived motives as a path to address destiny which we will not even have an effect on during our entire stay under the sun.

At this moment fellow Zimbabweans, let’s be on our knees praying to God so that he suppresses this sickness that he has allowed on earth, acknowledging the extent of his unfathomable wisdom and intelligence that has defied even the human feat in the mighty states that are built by humans in the world today showing indeed that he is indeed the ultimate power under the sun.

God always promises us that if we surrender our hearts in humility, He will save us from affliction, Psalms 91.
Let’s continue to pray that He provides us with what we need to overcome the pandemic because in Him alone lies the victory in these unforeseen circumstances.

By what we need to overcome, I mean that God in his mercy reveals, to the medical research institutions that are working 24/7 the world over to come up with the best antidotes for the virus.

Meanwhile, fellow Zimbabweans let’s practice good hygiene and avoid overcrowded gatherings, heeding the precautionary announcement by our government to avoid contracting and subsequent spread of the highly contagious pandemic.

Instead of depending entirely on God as was the design, a proud heart now looks to itself to decide what is good and evil.

In this uncertain time fellow Zimbabweans and readers, my soul’s sincere desire is that we understand that according to Matthew Chapter 24 this might be a signal of the end times; a sign from the master of all creation — God himself.

It should be noted that the rise in the development of economies in the world is the divine will and foreknowledge of God.

More so, the intricate scientific and technological innovations which are being introduced in medicine, physics, engineering, information technology, etc, in this digital age are all by the mighty hand of God himself through individuals we call experts in our society today.

In this regard, the world today is fast becoming captive to the cunning and crafty enemy called pride. Pride has led to nasty struggles for supremacy among individuals, nations and even States in the world.

Pride is a state of mind or essentially a condition of the heart in which a person has supplanted the rule of God over his life with the rule of his own will.

Fellow Zimbabweans, the increase in the pace of economic developments of States is now in the name of head of States, governments, monarchs, etc, and this has fuelled pride in the hearts of kings and rulers of the respective States the world over.

Now, to keep that pride in check and to show that He is still in control of the world as the master of all creation, God can bring signs upon the face of the earth to show the extent of His power upon kingdoms, States, governments that are built on pride of human supremacy.

Fellow readers, the coronavirus is one such a sign from God that He has allowed to show humankind that He is in total control of the world and more so, it is one of the signs of the end times according to the scriptures (Matthew 24).

I wish you all good health and it’s my prayer that we all live through this and we will be living testimonies thereafter.
God bless Zimbabwe and the entire world!

Kasiyamhuru is a Zimbabwean politician, entrepreneur and academic 

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