Consider paying civil servants in US dollars


EDITOR — Businesses are now resisting bond notes, mobile money and rtgS. Why would businesses accept a currency that is valueless and later on change it to foreign currency on black market.

The government has already allowed other players in the market to accept foreign currency for instance Zuva, the government is collecting revenue in foreign currency, hence the government must also pay civil servants in foreign currency.

Now we have four currencies, USD which is legal in some sectors but illegal to general populace, who are only allowed to use mobile money, rtgs and bond note.

What is the rationality for a government to collect its revenue in foreign currency and pay its workers in local currency.

It would be much better to officialise redollarisation of our economy.
Recently when we heard that government had gazetted the minimum wage for domestic workers at $160 local currency, everyone was converting it to us dollars.

To date most of our civil servants are living before the poverty datum line. Our problems are man-made.
The government is being rejected by its own people.

According to United Nations, poverty is considered as undermining economic, social, political and cultural rights. Please consider paying civil servants in US dollars.

Pardon Makunike,
Zimre Park, Ruwa.

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