Cimas subscribers up 10pc


CIMAS Medical Aid Society, one of the country’s largest health insurers, says it grew its membership by over 10 percent in 2019 to over 215 000.
This comes as the medical insurance sector has been recording a decline in growth battling inflation, which has ravaged subscriptions and members’ disposable incomes.
Cimas group chief executive Vulindlela Ndlovu said the insurer leveraged on Zimbabwe’s health crisis by offering prospective members the much-needed healthcare, absent in public institutions.
“We are going to publish our results later on in the year and you will see that our membership actually grew by over 10 percent (in 2019) compared to December 2018,” he said.
“It is how we responded to the crisis particularly the services people were getting in our facilities. I think these assisted and people want to move towards safety. The services in the private sector are more functional and especially last year with the industrial action people couldn’t get the services they required in the public sector… it did contribute in some way,” Ndlovu added.
Zimbabwe’s public health sector is in shambles as doctors are on an industrial action since September last year while several people are reported to have died from treatable diseases owing to shortages of basic medical equipment, medicines and other accessories.
With the escalating healthcare costs far beyond the reach of many, health cover has become a necessity although official government statistics show that over 60 percent of the country’s 16 million population does not have health insurance.
Cimas, which has over 10 clinics throughout all the provinces in the country to cater for members, offers Private Hospital Plus, Medexec and Prime packages with the least fetching about $165 per month extending services such as haemodialysis treatment facilities, chronic diseases drug facilitation, consultations and counselling, wellness services, among others.
Ndlovu added that the insurer continues to record growth on the back of its services, which have continued to expand in line with demands from both prospective and current members.
Cimas recently introduced three international packages, namely Health guard Deluxe, Health guard Essential and Health guard Classic, which are subscribed in United States Dollars (USD), in a bid to store value for subscribers with free funds.

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