Churches warn against Covid-19 theories


THE nation must not focus on coronavirus (Covid-19) prophecies and conspiracy theories as this will derail efforts to mitigate the spread of the deadly disease, the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has warned.

This comes as the country has recorded two deaths out of the 11 confirmed cases of the deadly coronavirus, with conspiracy theories and prophecies on where the disease emanated from and why it came into existence swirling around.

ZCC secretary-general Kenneth Mtata said focusing on conspiracy theories and prophesies can mislead the nation and derail efforts to fight the virus, which has killed thousands of people across the globe with more than one million others infected.

“We need to acknowledge that since the emergence of coronavirus, there have been many messages coming from different sources to try and make sense of this pandemic.

“The first one is a technological explanation which says that coronavirus comes from the effects of the 5G mobile technology and therefore those who drive this position are responsible for the virus. The second one is that of economic benefits that the virus was created by pharmaceutical companies to then make money out of vaccines.

“The third explanation is a geopolitical explanation which says that this a chemical warfare that is taking place between the US and China and one of these has produced a virus that is causing this disease.

“The other one is that the virus is a population control scheme designed in England and the last one is a theological explanation which says that this is punishment from God which requires us to pray,” Mtata said.

“I think these conspiracies must be rejected so as not to cloud current interventions. The risk of focusing on these conspiracy theories is that when an actual intervention to end the virus is designed, people may be sceptical in accepting and this might result in continued loss of life which would have been avoided,” he added.

Mtata warned church leaders to desist from issuing out prophecies which may cause alarm and confusion.

“For example, when it comes to the issue of vaccines, we are hearing of some church leaders who are saying that the vaccines that will be tested in Africa will be used as population control mechanism.

“I am not a medical doctor but vaccines don’t just come — there are protocols to be followed, they are tested and verified first. ” he said.

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