Chitown in blitz against illegal land occupants

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Sindiso Mhlophe

CHITUNGWIZA Municipality has launched a blitz against illegal land occupants and developers in efforts to curtail illegal land allocations and land barons, the Daily News reports.

This comes as the municipality recently issued an eviction order to illegal vendors and space barons operating at Zengeza 2 and Jambanja markets.

Acting town clerk Tonderai Kasu yesterday said the latest land in question was located in St Mary’s and was meant for a crèche instead of the illegal developments currently being made on it.

“Now, therefore, take note that in terms of Section 34, you the persons and associates are hereby ordered to immediately take the following steps; to discontinue forthwith any developments, construction works, occupation or any use of the said piece of land. Avail all the paperwork in your possession to council through the office of the acting town clerk showing that you are in legal occupation of the said piece of land,” read council the order.

The order further instructed the occupants of the land in question to bring an offer letter, lease agreement, approved site plan, signed survey diagram and a copy of an approved building plan to indicate that the land belonged to them.

“In the absence of the documents as provided above to demolish the illegal structures, vacate and restore the crèche stand to its original state by August 20 2020,” further read the order.
Recently, Kasu issued an eviction order to illegal vendors and space barons operating at Zengeza 2 and Jambanja markets.

He said the prohibition order had been triggered by the space barons who were allocating space to trade to informal traders without the approval of the municipality.

“The said malcontents have been in defiance and non-compliance with prohibition and enforcement orders since, even after the issuance of these orders, they have continued to erect illegal structures at this site (Zengeza 2 market) without the inspection and approval of council.

“What has exacerbated and aggravated these flagrant violations even more is that the space barons are now in the process of erecting a perimeter fence at the stated site. The municipality has also noted with concern that there are similar machinations taking place at Jambanja market in Seke South where space barons, in a modus operandi similar to what is obtaining at Zengeza 2 market, have without the authority of council also started erecting a perimeter fence around a council property that is designated as a market,” Kasu said.

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