Chipanga speaks on lockdown


OUTSPOKEN singer Hosiah Chipanga believes the current lockdown will soon fail if nothing is done to address the food situation in the country.

He says lockdown works for the rich who have surplus and can store food in their houses unlike the poor who live hand to mouth.

Chipanga says leaders should consider things from a poor man’s point of view before coming up with polices such as the lockdown.

“A person’s worst enemy is hunger and to say someone should stay indoors without food is impractical. Our leaders should have made plans to help people before announcing a lockdown. People live hand to mouth and if you block the hand it means the mouth will be left with nothing,” he said.

“This is now like a rich man’s disease. Look at the patterns, it is affecting those with money and they have designed a method to protect themselves by isolating themselves from the poor. It is not possible to live without other people.

We depend on each other. Laws such as lockdown are an attempt by the rich to create a new world without the poor,” he said.

With people seemingly violating the law, Chipanga described it as an escape from hunger and not defiance.

“Some will view it as defiance, saying people are not complying with the law but we are talking of food here. People will come to a point that it is better to die from coronavirus than hunger. Our leaders should have at least tried to help people with food before lockdown. Lockdown means everything is on hold but hunger will not be on hold,” he said.

Chipanga described coronavirus as spiritual which also needs spiritual means in fighting. He also spoke on criticism levelled against prophets and spiritual healers for failing to predict the disease.

“This is spiritual, I believe God is telling people that he is in control. People may criticise spiritual people for not predicting it but also those scientists failed. If they can predict weather patterns and things such as climate change, they ought to have predicted it too. God is showing people that he is the one in control,” he said.


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  1. Rabson loya says

    Yes chipanga is right government should also recognise the poor …vamhu vakapinda munjodzi chimanimani necyclon idai they living in tents now corona virus..God is watching as waiting the second of Jesus Crist wese vanobira varombo shirikadzi mushure mekuti tapihwa mari yekuti nyika iende mberi huori..

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