Cal_Vin wades into Majaivana debate


Jeffrey Muvundusi

AWARD-winning and controversial rapper Mgcini “Cal_Vin” Nhliziyo has concurred with singer Lovemore Majaivana in that Bulawayo was not a ripe ground for local musicians to blossom.

Cal_Vin who also proudly calls himself Luveve Boy said as a result several musicians have left the city for Harare while other went abroad to pursue their careers.

“It’s sad but it’s a fact,” he said. “It’s not like we are bad music wise but the system that is created around us makes it difficult for us, unfortunately we can’t change it.”

His sentiments come a week after a recent documentary which features exiled musician Lovemore “Tshuma” Majaivana strongly suggests that the success of a musician in the country is largely dependent on the language one sings in.

“My life has always been a sad one, I’ve been dealt blows below the belt,” Majaivana says in the documentary.
“First of all, it was the language that I sang in, it didn’t really bring me the fortune that one expects if you look at these other people that sing in the widely known languages. They get a better share of the profits…it’s partly why I left music…”

In a follow up to the documentary, Cal_Vin takes up the challenge in the new song titled Maybe If I was A…
The song begins by featuring Majaivana’s comments.

DeeVox features immediately; takes over and sings in Shona before Cal_Vin takes over with a rap fused in Ndebele and English where he strongly airs his predicament as a musician based in the second largest city.

“When I saw Majaivana’s documentary, I thought I knew what was happening around him but I came to find out that I only knew half of it.

“At first I was emotional about it because it really touched me badly. I could tell the emotions from his speech that the man didn’t have it easy.

“It wasn’t as rosy for him as we thought. I thought about how I have tried to quit music, I thought about how I have been let down by people I am trying to stand for,” Cal_Vin told the Daily News yesterday.

He added: “I relate to his (Majaivana) story very much despite the fact that I am still hopeful and I am still in the game. We do big shows but we still struggle to survive and we have nothing to ourselves.”

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  1. Amir says

    So sad but true Mgcini. Don’t give up as one day things will change

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