‘Byo water intervention projects budget inflated’

Shamiso Dzingire

THE City of Bulawayo must revise downwards its figures for the proposed water intervention projects as the US$74,25 million council is asking for is too high, an engineering contractor has said.

This comes after the city director of engineering Simela Dube told an inter-ministerial delegation on Friday that the city requires a total of US$74,25 million for all proposed intervention projects meant to address the perennial water shortages in the second largest city.
Dube said immediate projects such as Rochester and Epping Forest boreholes require US$1,765 million, while short to medium term projects such as Mtshabezi-Ncema pipeline, Umzingwane-Ncema Pipeline, Khami Water Works and expansion of Nyamandlovu Aquifer to Sawmills need US$46,25 million.
He also told the delegation that the medium to long term solution to water crisis — the Insiza pipeline duplication needs US$28 million.
However, Mckenzie Ncube, contracted by the government to offer a second opinion on the state of water crisis in Bulawayo said the proposed budget by the local authority is inflated and must be revised downwards.
Ncube, who is also a former Zanu PF Zhombe MP, also queried why council undertook the Mtshabezi project as it should not have been done in the first place.
“All these things can actually be ascertained right now … You need to sit down and ascertain how much you really need for these projects.
 “Obviously, you will need to revise down these figures for the proposed projects,” Ncube said.
The Zanu PF official also told council to “park” its proposal to recycle Khami Dam water for domestic consumption.
Council is conducting a feasibility study, funded by the African Development Bank (AFDB) for the use of Khami water for domestic, commercial and industrial use.
 “Treating contaminated water regardless of technology takes time. It can be used for industry, that is fine but for drinking water it will give us problems.


“Of course, the technologies have since improved but let us forget about it for the time being. You have asked for US$15 million for the project. It is a reasonable request but let us park it,” he added.

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