Byo to receive water 2 days per week

RESIDENTS here will be receiving running water for only two days per week with effect from Monday, a clear disaster in the midst of the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19) which requires regular washing of hands.  
The increase in the water shedding hours comes two weeks after the local authority increased water cuts to 108 hours from the previous 96 hours as the city reels from the effects of drought that saw supply dams receiving insignificant inflows in the rainy season.
It also comes at a time when the city fathers wrote to the government requesting the water crisis be declared a national emergency to unlock funding for water augmentation strategies.


However, the city will immediately be subjected to emergency intermittent water supply between till Sunday as council attempts to balance the system.
In a statement, town clerk Christopher Dube said the water shedding is subject to review should the situation either improve or deteriorate.
Dube attributed the increase in water shedding hours to high water consumption experienced mid-week.
“The City of Bulawayo would like to advise residents the city will be introducing the 120-hour water shedding programme with effect from Monday, April 27.
“However, in a bid to manage water supply from low water reservoirs, council would like to advise that there will be emergency intermittent supply of water across the city, except for industry and the Central Business District (CBD) until April 26 in a bid to balance the system.
“This is due to the very high water consumption experienced citywide from Tuesday to Wednesday averaging 150 megalitres a day against the system input of 90 megalitres per day.

“The system, will therefore, with immediate effect be closed to allow for the recovery of critical reservoirs,” Dube said.


Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association coordinator Emmanuel Ndlovu said in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, the local authority must install 10 000-litre water tanks in suburbs on high ground to enable them to practice proper hygiene.

Ndlovu said some residents in high lying areas like Pumula South, Pumula North, Pumula East and Old Pumula, Magwegwe and Emganwini have been going for weeks without water and were relying on bowsers.

“In the face of Covid-19 and related regulations, council must install 10 000 litre tanks in most high ground areas which bowsers would empty into and people then get water from there.

“Going for 120 hours without water in a week is a clear disaster in the midst of fighting Covid-19.  The current water levels in the six dams point to a gloomy water situation in Bulawayo. The city’s water situation must be declared a national disaster,” Dube said.

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