Bogus Parks ranger robs, rapes, kills fish vendor

A BOGUS National Parks ranger has appeared before the Harare Magistrates’ Court for allegedly robbing, raping and killing a fish vendor near Lake Chivero in Norton.  

Bright Zhantali, 29, was remanded in custody to July 26 for the alleged murder of Nester Chikwengo, 45.

It is alleged that on June 21, Zhantali who was wearing a shirt similar to that of National Parks rangers misrepresented to the woman, a fish vendor at Whitehouse in Kuwadzana Extension, that he was selling fish at a cheaper price.

He allegedly said the fish was in a bush near Lake Chivero, before the two boarded a pirate taxi heading to the alleged place.

They disembarked before the gate leading into the National Parks premises on the pretext that Zhantali wanted to avoid detection by his workmates.

While in the middle of the forest, Zhantali reportedly grabbed the woman and robbed her of US$30 and a cellphone, before undressing and raping her, while grabbing her by the throat to stop her from screaming.

After the act, Zhantali realised that Chikwengo was no longer responding.

He took her clothes and burnt them before disappearing.

The woman’s decomposing body was only discovered by a man who had gone into the forest for prayers.

Zhantali was later nabbed by the public, who handed him to the police after they saw him at Whitehouse last Wednesday.

Anesu Chirenje appeared for the State.