Benhura drags fellow sculptor to court

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Blessing Masakadza

RENOWNED sculptor Dominic Benhura has caused the arrest of a fellow sculptor who was an apprentice at his gallery on allegations of reproducing four of his copyrighted art works and exhibiting them without his consent.

Clever Muzvondiwa, 42, appeared before Harare magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti-Guuriro on allegations of violating the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act.

He denied the allegations and was remanded out of custody to July 7 for trial on $500 bail.
It is the State’s case that sometime this month, Benhura was driving along Airport Road in Hatfield when he saw infringing copies of his stone sculpture work on exhibition in public at Tsindi Gallery.

Reports are that Benhura was surprised to see the infringed copies and went to the gallery and saw the artworks in Muzvondiwa’s name indicating that he was the owner.

The State said he was exhibiting four infringed copies, “Leapfrog”, “Wheelbarrow”, “Exercising” and “Having Fun”.
The State says Benhura is the sole author of the four artworks and put his name as the real owner by having his name on the sculptures, copyright which Muzvondiwa allegedly reproduced.

Allegations are that Muzvondiwa got knowledge of Benhura’s work when he visited Dominic Gallery in Greendale when he joined as an apprentice in the early 2000s. By that time, the original pieces had already been made by Benhura while Muzvondiwa was still an apprentice, learning the art of sculpting.

The State said Muzvondiwa had no right to possess or exhibit the copyrighted artworks without consent.
This led Benhura to lodge a report with the police, resulting in the arrest of Muzvondiwa and subsequent appearance in court.

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