Beekeeping project lifts Bulilima villagers


Myles Matarise

THE government has set up a beekeeping project in Bulilima District as part of efforts to promote environmental stewardship in rural communities through provision of sustainable livelihood options that enhance forest management and conservation.

In March this year, the Environment ministry in partnership with the Forestry Commission trained 100 Bulilima farmers in Khame and Huwana villages after which it facilitated the setting up of apiaries managed by the communities.

The initiative was done in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with support from the Russian government.


“The ministry mounted 100 bee hives whilst the villagers supplied labour and locally available resources like clay soil and dung for treating the boxes.

“This was a part of a multi-million dollar programme to scale up climate change adaptation across the district,” the environment ministry said in a statement.

Among other things, the Bulilima villagers were trained to increase honey yields, control diseases, pests and effects of pesticides on bees as well as to run the project as a business.

“Under the project … the residents also received theoretical training for hive making, protective clothing smokers and hive accessory tools,” the ministry added.

The ministry is confident that the beekeeping project will promote sustainable livelihoods and provide incomes to the beekeepers through the sale of honey and wax.


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