BCC hikes bursary for the under privileged


BULAWAYO City Council has hiked its bursary to underprivileged children in Zimbabwe’s second largest city from $70 to $600 per student.

The hike follows the near-doubling of tuition fees by most schools across the country citing high inflation and ever-rising operational costs.

The Bulawayo City Council bursary scheme currently benefits 370 students from 37 secondary schools throughout the city for both Ordinary and Advanced level learners. The beneficiaries, who are mostly orphans, are selected by social workers in consultation with school authorities.

According to the latest council minutes, the municipality noted that its bursary allocations were no longer significant in the face of rising inflation.

“The director of housing and community services (Dictor Khumalo) had reported (6th February, 2020) to the health, housing and education committee (11th February, 2020) that the council had resolved that the bursary award should correspondingly be reviewed in line with the changing rates of levies and tuition fees,” reads in part the council report.

Added the report: “The award … covered tuition fees and part of levies only. Parents and guardians paid shortfall in schools with fees exceeding $70.

“Most of the beneficiaries were orphans and some were from child-headed households and with the recent increase in fees, the shortfall to be paid had increased marginally.

“The latest fees hike had rendered the $70 maximum bursary award per student less effective and it defeated the noble cause of the bursary. The proposal was to migrate from the current award of $70 per student per term to $600 per child per term.”

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