‘Battle of the Chefs’ to launch on Voxafrica UK  

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LOCALLY-PRODUCED reality TV series Battle of the Chefs will now be broadcast on Voxafrica UK.
The series premiere is to launch on Voxafrica sky 193 Freeview 271 on September 14, 2020 airing Mondays at 7:30pm.
Battle of the Chefs is a 45-minute, reality, cooking television series. The show is produced by a local production house, Area 46 under the direction of the executive producer Joseph Bunga.
To date, the show has broadcast three seasons (39 episodes) which have flighted on ZTV.
A grand prize of US$10 000 was up for grabs in season 3 where 16 chefs competed
Battle of the Chefs, which will soon be launching Season 4, plans to go regional taking the TV series to 17 English-speaking countries in Africa.
Battle of the Chefs has an integral role in the locally-produced award-winning movie Cook Off which started screening on Netflix on June 1, 2020.
Cook Off which was produced in late 2017 by Joe Njagu and Thomas Brickhill with an entirely Zimbabwean cast and crew, is a family-friendly, feel-good romantic comedy that was inspired by Battle of the Chefs.
Voxafrica is a well-recognised and respected TV station on Zuku platforms in Africa, on Sky in the UK and also has subscribers in America.
Voxafrica won the BEFFTA awards for Best TV station 2012, 2013 and 2015; is one of the only African channels to be BARB-rated, meaning that their viewing figures are monitored, measured and fact proven.
Voxafrica is also the first and the No. 1 PanAfrican and Bilingual TV station in the UK. Battle of the Chefs’ association with a channel such as Voxafrica, creates, develops and enhances the local reality series’ credibility as a brand that can be trusted.
Voxafrica is therefore taking Battle of the Chefs to three continents simultaneously where the brand will reach an average of 1,7 million Barb-rated viewers per month in the UK alone and over 100 million households worldwide.

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