Author tackles African religion issues


Blessing Masakadza

PREACHER and author Batsirai Java, pictured, has lined-up a new book focusing on African religion and culture and relationship to Christianity.

Titled African Religion, A Blessing or a Curse, the book which was published by Media Essentials will be out on Monday and it will be his third.

Other books in his name are The Voice and The Mystery of Dreams and Interpretation all related to his work as a preacher.

The latest offering touches on various subjects and beliefs in the African setting among them totems and belief in ancestors.

He also sought to distinguish between African culture and religion which he describes as occultic.
Java said while African culture is the best, it is being ruined by several vices under the guise of religion.

“There is a difference between African religion and African culture. African culture is the moral value of an African man, woman but African religion is totally different, it is a cult. African religion is not our culture, it is not our ancestry norms,” he said.

According to Java, the book will give an insight into a number of things existing in Africa.

“This book confronts and exposes an organised demonic and regimented system that has been in existence for centuries,” he said.

He also explains “misconceptions” among Africans which are disguised as culture and with Christians participating.

“If you are in Christ there is a chapter that needs to be closed completely and some of the things blind church people, Christians keep participating in things that they should close as a closed chapter.

“This book is an illumination tool, it is a gun meant to shoot the heart of deception and the enemy hiding in our family units, some of the churches which are viewed as churches but purely occultic,” he said.

Java said the book will not only be in physical form but also on online stores for downloads.

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