‘Africa is Mother’ gig a lesson for others: ‘Mono’


Tinashe Sibanda
Lifestyle Writer

A RECENTLY held online concert dubbed Africa is Mother by Ngoda TV saw top notch performances by Mokoomba, Hope Masike and Prudence Katomeni Mbofana.

The concert was held online in celebration of the mbira musical instrument performers in a lockdown Africa Day event.

In a post on his official Facebook account, veteran producer and guitarist Clive “Mono” Mukundu said the Ngoda TV gig was pure class.

The outspoken Mono posted, “The problem is that you hype rubbish and ignore quality; then you get surprised when we are ignored at some regional gigs.”

Following the well executed quality concert, Mono said it is now clear why Mokoomba “is the most internationally accepted band of our time and why Masike is always gigging internationally, where they do not understand Shona but class”.

He added that he hopes his fellow hip- hop, gospel and dancehall musicians took notes from the classy Ngoda TV gig.

“I do not mean that all hip-hop, gospel and dancehall gigs are terrible, but a good number of Facebook live gigs we have been watching were not that good, especially the gospel one two days ago,” he wrote.

He said gospel musicians have a tendency of doing too much chants like Maoko tose and Shevedzera amen kuti Satan abhowekane as well as singing like they are struggling as if they are burping etc.

“…Come on guys, work on the music, work on the dynamics; and work on good choreography that is not funeral fit, work on your stage and body language too,” he said.

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