Unions push for salaries in forex

UNIONS have re-ignited their bid to have workers’ salaries paid in United States dollars, following the recent decision by the government to allow oil companies with access to foreign currency to sell fuel in forex, the Daily News reports.

New exam fees: Govt capitulates

THE under pressure government yesterday reversed the steep examination fee hikes for Advanced(A) and Ordinary(O) levels that it announced recently, following a backlash from long-suffering parents and legislators.

Zim, China battle lethal coronavirus

THE government said yesterday that it had put 23 locals on surveillance after they visited countries affected by the deadly coronavirus — which has so far killed 107 people in China and infected 4 500 others around the world, the Daily News…

Govt is ready for grim coronavirus

HEALTH and Child Care minister Obadiah Moyo reiterated yesterday that authorities were ready and also had enough capacity to deal with the deadly coronavirus — which has so far killed 81 people in China and left 3 000 others ill there.