Virtual marketplace for miners launched


A LOCAL service provider, Zimvest Mining, has launched an online trading platform for local and international investors, which is expected to enhance the ease of doing business in the sector.
Zimvest Mining is an online marketplace for providers of goods and services to the mining community to list their
businesses and products for free in their own virtual stores. The innovation comes after the Covid-19 pandemic and
the subsequent lockdowns presented many challenges for the mining sector which has been able to continue to work under strict government guidelines.

“We want to make it easier for the entire mining community to function. Agriculture may be the backbone of the
Zimbabwean economy, but mining is its heart and soul. The full utilisation of the Zimvest Mining platform will ensure greater liquidity for participants in the mining sector which in turn will lead to more jobs and increased revenue for the government. It truly is a win-win situation,” Takunda Chifokoyo Zimvest chief executive said.

The platform also allows miners the opportunity to seek funding from a much broader pool of potential investors as they attempt to ramp up production. The company has a pool of professionals such as geologists to assist potential
investors in the verification of assets and determination of asset potential.

“Zimbabwe’s mining sector is projected to become a US$12 billion market by 2023 and that can only be possible through increased foreign and domestic direct investment. Zimvest Mining is in a perfect position to facilitate the accomplishment of this target, and help the businesses that support the industry to thrive even under trying conditions,” he said

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