State goons after Sikhala


AS THE MDC cranks up the heat on President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government to act on the country’s worsening economic rot, its firebrand deputy national chairperson, Job “Wiwa” Sikhala, says that he is being trailed by State agents, the Daily News On Sunday reports.

This comes as political temperatures are once again rising in the country, following last week’s warning by the main opposition that it will hold unsanctioned protests to force the government to act on Zimbabwe’s myriad crises.

At the same time, Sikhala — who was recently acquitted of treason charges — has continued to call for radical action against Mnangagwa and his under pressure government.

Yesterday, the combative politician-cum-lawyer told the Daily News On Sunday that since his acquittal on the treason charges, he no longer had “a private life” due to his being trailed “24/7” by suspected security agents.

“In short, what I am saying is that there is no private life for me anymore. No more luxury of meeting with friends at places of leisure.

“It is very risky to be seen in my company at the moment. So, my friends should not think I am ignoring them.

“I am rather saving them from harassment because of their association with me,” Sikhala said.

“Allow me to finish the fight against them (the government and its apparatus) without them (friends) becoming collateral damage.

“Stalking, trailing me and the use of State security agents wherever I am has intensified.

“But let me warn them that if anything happens to me, Masvingo should have been a clear warning to them, Zimbabwe will be reduced to ruins,” Sikhala added.

“The whole country will need reconstruction for years because I know what is in the mind of the people.
“Any attempt to terminate my life will result in unprecedented instability that will result in serious bloodbath and that will be the end of this evil regime.

“You will never hear about them again. That will be their end. And this I know for a fact. Let them continue doing their funnies and see the end result,” Sikhala further told the Daily News On Sunday.

The fearless Zengeza West legislator was arrested in October last year on charges of subverting a constitutionally-elected government — after he told an MDC rally in Bikita East that he would work to overthrow Mnangagwa’s administration before the next elections that are due in 2023.

On February 3 this year, he filed an application for an exception to the charges, arguing that the utterances that he had made at the political rally at Mandadzaka Business Centre did not constitute a crime.
Two weeks ago, Judge Garainesu Mawadze agreed with him and acquitted Sikhala after he upheld the burly politician’s application.

Yesterday, Sikhala gave examples of how State security agents were after him, following his Valentine’s Day acquittal.

“After my acquittal on the 14th of February, State security agents came to OK Supermarket where we were buying groceries for my school children, whom I wanted to visit on the 15th.

“I did not come out of my car, but they asked some people who were around which car I was in.

“When my security details got this, they confronted them and they rushed to their car and drove away.

“When we left on our way to my village in Gutu, they trailed us and by the time we arrived at Nyika they came and parked right next to my vehicle at the Highway Shops,” Sikhala said.

“When we left to go home, they followed us along the dusty mountainous road to my village and it was now at night, at around 9pm.

“Unbeknown to them, we had two vehicles with more than 30 people.
“When we resolved to stop our vehicles in the bush to confront them, after switching off the lights, they made a U-turn and sped off,” Sikhala said further.

He also claimed that during the court appearance of one of his clients in Karoi last week, he had also been placed under heavy surveillance throughout his time in the town, until he returned to Harare.

“I did not stay in Harare as soon as I arrived on Sunday from the village. I had a court case to dispose of in Karoi.
“The matter was a trial which had been due for a long time, as I was not able to attend to it because of the exigencies of the treason trial.

“When they found out that I was at Karoi Magistrates Court, they deployed all the CIOs and members from the military intelligence in Mashonaland West there,” Sikhala claimed.

“I did not care and went on to cross examine the witness the whole day on Wednesday.
“When we decided to leave after we postponed the matter to another day, for other witnesses to come, they trailed us all the way from Karoi to my house in Harare.

“When they flagged my driver to stop between Zvimba and Norton, I wanted us to stop and hear what their problem was, but my driver refused to stop,” Sikhala added.
However, he said he would not be deterred in his public calls for mass protests against Mnangagwa and his government.

“I will continue prosecuting the people’s struggle. The period we are in now does not need individualism.

“It needs selflessness to the cause of our country. Our country is … under the armpit of a tyranny.

“This tyranny cannot continue to preside over the state of affairs through coercion and bloodshed,” the firebrand politician said further.

“This has to come to an end … I challenge all Zimbabweans to join us in a fight for our freedom,” he added.

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